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DarTech Inc. was established in 1986 with a mission to supply high-quality consulting services to assist its clients in attaining their business objectives through the efficient and strategic utilization of information technology. At DarTech, we believe that it is essential to ensure harmony between people and technology.

DarTech’s choice to specialize in technology management was guided by our clients’ base need to effectively focus on core business issues, essential to their organization.

DarTech is therefore dedicating a concentrated effort in technology management, directed towards the continuous evolution of our solutions. This evolution, coupled with a constant technology watch, ensures our response to our clients’ needs, today and tomorrow.

DarTech becomes a « partner » to its clients, sharing their business objectives and respecting their technological orientations. Our success in large-scale organizations is proof of the effectiveness of our efforts, approach, specialization as well as our capacity to increase business performance for our clients, making DarTech the partner of choice.

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